The Birth of Orani Water District

National Goverment In 1978, Malacanang issued Presidential Decree, PD 198, declaring a national policy favoring local operation & control of water systems, and authorizing the formation of local water districts. From this decree, the idea of creating a water district in Orani was hatched, and on February 15, 1978, and through Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 23, series of 1977 and Certificate of Conformance No. 054 issued by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the Orani Water District was born. As provided for by this law, the Orani Water District, a quasi-public corporation, took off with a five-member Board of Directors, a General Manager and several employees to run the District. Later on, by virtue of a Supreme Court resolution, all water districts in the country were ruled to be government-owned-and-controlled corporations (G-O-C-C-) with original charter.

In Early Years

From 1978 to 1991, the Orani Water District was manned by a General Manager & Board of Directors who were all Orani residents. They were being assisted by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) through a Management Advisor. In 1992, however, the District was hounded with talks of mismanagement and anomalies forcing the LWUA to take over its management & policy-making functions in order to protect its financial exposure to the Water District. Five LWUA officials from Manila sat as members of the Board of Directors and a LWUA engineer was assigned as Interim General Manager. Two years later, LWUA officials, seating as members of the interim Water District Board searched for, screened & installed a regular General Manager for the company and on December 16, 1994, a young and talented economist from Orani was installed as the new regular General Manager.