Corporate Social Responsibilities

The Waterdistrict family gives high importance in maintaining its unique corporate culture & image. It values its publics so much such that their satisfaction is paramount.

It also maintains an open communication and strong relationship with local and national government offices to help them serve their respective publics.

Orani Water District always participates in community projects through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework. In 1998, it introduced the annual ORANIWD Family High School Scholarship Program to give importance to the value of education. The program aimed to help the Waterdistrict selected clients uplift their economic & social conditions by giving a one-year secondary education scholarship to their children. However, it saw a greater need for this kind of assistance, thus beginning SY 2008-2009, it started to provide a complete four-year tertiary education to five (5) deserving students who passed all of its set requirements.

Every February, since 1999, Orani Water District encourages the people of Orani community and other places, young and old, to engage in fun running for good health and disposition. The annual "3KM, 5KM, and 10KM Fun Runs" create a higher level of awareness on the importance of drinking potable water and maintaining good health.

As Orani Water District moved to protect and save Mother Earth, it revived its 1995 initiative for the establishment and development of Orani Water District Watershed Area inside the Bataan Natural Park in coordination with the DENR-PAMB and had been conducting annual tree-planting activities anywhere in the area. In 2012, it was able to establish its own 28-hectare watershed area inside the park and planted 10,000 "Tibig"(ficus nota) and "Ayamit" trees. This will be repeated every year during the months of rains.

In order to prevent harmful accidents in the zigzag road in Butarero in Barangay Tala, the agency erected needed big concrete posts along the side of the road. Since their construction, many major vehicular accidents were prevented.

It installed steel cyclone wire fences above all bridges in Orani to discourage throwing of solid waste into the river and donated a complete set of steel swing & slide set for the school children of Barangay Pag-asa Day Care Center, located in an upland barangay in Orani.

Its initiatives for the needed collaboration among Barangay Chairmen in different barangays surrounding Orani river, with concerned local government officers and other leaders of the town in cleaning Orani river and maintaining its natural flow & still alive waiting for partners.