OWDEE Cooperative

In 1995, GM Benigno P. Andres introduced the concept of cooperativism to the employees of the Water District. Regular employees of Orani Water District decided to adopt the cooperative concept because of its benefits. The members paid their membership fees and subscribed capital through salary deductions and the group eventually accumulated some funds to enter into an excavation contract with Hermosa Water District in its expansion projects at Barangays Sto. Nino and Palihan, both in Hermosa.

Although the group was not yet registered as a cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), it operated as if it was a coop and relent money to the members. The funds came from the forced savings of the members. Members, during that time, experienced waiting in queue for just Php 1,000.00-loan.

Later on, funds came from the earnings in Hermosa WD expansion project. All male members, including its founding Chairman, Benigno P. Andres, worked and installed service connections in the said barangays during Saturdays and Sundays while all female members cooked and served meals for all. It was really an encouraging and consolidated effort of all!

However, after two-year lull in activities because nobody could focus on coop projects, while the need of the members for finances grew, majority of the members decided to withdraw their respective shares. Since the group was not a registered cooperative that time, withdrawal of shares could be an option. After the payment of all who withdrew, only a few members of the group remained. The lessons were learned! Member requirements should not only be anticipated but must be clearly defined!

From that year, the cooperative thru its founding chairman, became very active in the establishment of Orani Federation of Multi-Purpose Cooperatives as well as the creation of the sole cooperative bank in Bataan- the Bataan Cooperative Bank. The only cooperative bank in Bataan was incorporated on December 01, 1998.

However, since the group was not yet registered with the CDA, it marked its first investment with the Bataan Cooperative Bank through a CDA registered cooperative, the Lingap Legua- Nazareno Kilusang Bayan. The funds came from the "cooperative" of the Orani Water District employees but the name used was the CDA registered one_ the Lingap Legua- Nazareno Kilusang Bayan.

It was a Multi-Purpose Cooperative to help farmers in the area. It was based in sitio Legua, Barangay Pag-asa established by Mr. Andres in 1991 when he was not yet with the Water District.

In the same year in 1998, the management of the Orani Water District was able to justify the establishment of a Provident Fund Program for the welfare of its employees. That time, also, the management could see the possibility of privatization of water districts.

It was then in 2002, when the employees decided to form a cooperative for the second time and made sure that it would be registered with the CDA using their savings in the pro-fund to pay their coop subscriptions. It was also then that the "Orani Water District Multi-Purpose Cooperative" was formed for the employees of the Water District and eventually for the community.

The ORANIWDCOOP was formally registered with the Cooperative Development Authority through Registration No. PGA - 4455 last August 19, 2002. Twenty-two members, all regular employees of the Orani Water District, incorporated it. At the time of its registration, the authorized share capital was Php18,832,000.00 with a par value of Php1,000.00 each. The authorized share capital that was actually subscribed was Php4,708,000.00 where Php 1,177,000.00 were already paid by the members.

Soon enough, the cooperative opened its doors for other people who were interested to be associate members. Words passed from every mouth who got interested to be members of the cooperative and avail its services.

The cooperative became an active member of the various cooperative organizations in the province of Bataan such as the Orani Municipal Federation of Cooperatives, Provincial Cooperative Development Office and the Bataan Cooperative Bank.

It believed in the importance of a financing institution in the cooperative movement so it supported the direction of the Bataan Cooperative Bank. Aside from its own investments therein, it also bought the shares of stocks of willing cooperatives to increase its exposures, and is still willing to buy additional at proper prices.

In 2004, the application for a Two-Million (P2,000,000.00) pesos rediscounting window from the Land Bank of the Philippines was approved. Also, in the same year, the application for a Two-Million (P2,000,000.00) pesos rediscounting window from the Bataan Cooperative Bank was approved.

In 2007, ORANIWDCOOP started developing its own Accounting Software. After its successful creation and development, the cooperative became a fully computerized coop in 2008.

It received the Best Performance Award on November 06, 2009 for being the Most Diversified Business Operations and Services coop in the Province of Bataan. Said award was given by the Bataan Cooperative Development Council and the Provincial Cooperative Development Office during the "Go Negosyo Caravan" in Balanga City, Bataan.

Another Best Performance Award was also granted to ORANIWDCOOP on December 11, 2010 by the Orani Suhay Foundation, Inc. "Sa patuloy na pagpapakita ng kaiga-igayang dedikasyon, kagalingan, at suporta sa pagbibigay ng magandang pananaw sa buhay upang mapaunlad and kabuhayan at mapalago and pangkalahatang kakayahan ng bawat miyembro nito".

On February 14, 2011, the approved Two-Million (P2,000,000.00) pesos rediscounting window from the Bataan Cooperative Bank was raised to Three Million Nine Hundred Thousand (P3,900,000.00) Pesos.

The Cooperative was officially re-registered with the Cooperative Development Authority through Registration No. 9520-03001879 last August 05, 2011, under the name ORANI WATER DISTRICT MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE (OWDEE Coop). Three Hundred Sixty Three members, (29 regular and 334 associate members), incorporated it. The authorized share capital that was actually subscribed was Php12,207,000.00 where Php 6,096,000.00 were already paid by the members.

It was only in August 2011 after the successful re-registration of the coop in the CDA when the brand name- "OWDEE Coop" and the Cooperative Values were officially introduced.

With more and more opportunities coming for the OWDEE Coop, there is no doubt that our cooperative will still have a lot more to offer in the future, not only for our members but also for the community it caters.