What is Orani Water?

Orani Water District (ORANIWATER) was created pursuant to PD 198, as amended by PDs 768 and 1479, otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973. It is a corporate entity which is independent, autonomous, non-stock, non-profit, non-political, self-supporting, self-reliant, self-governance and later on declared by the Supreme Court as a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) it does not receive regular subsidy, grant or budgetary allocation from any government or political subdivision.

What services does Orani Water provide?

It is mandated with a vision, mission and goal of providing district residents with a safe, adequate, reliable and economically viable water service which is within the reach of the poorest of the poor at 100% service coverage.

How do I apply for a new water connection?

1. Come and visit the Orani Water District Office at Centro I, Orani, Bataan.
2. Secure a Service Application Form from the Customer Care Section.
3. Fill-up the service application form. Particularly, the telephone number where the applicant can be easily contacted.
4. Submit the completed form together with photocopies of required documents.
5. Settle the account if after verification, it was found out that you have an existing and/or inactive service connection with outstanding arrears.
6. Our Estimator will conduct an inspection in the place to estimate the costs to be incurred in the installation of the service connection.
7. The statement of charges will be available from our Customer Care Section within the day of inspection.
8. Proceed to our Cashier for payment of your charges. Pay the needed charges to the cashier.
9. Present the Official Receipt (OR) to our Customer Care Section for recording purposes.
10. Our Customer Care Section after having will then release your approved service application to our Technical Services Division for scheduling, copy of which will be provided to you.

What are the requirements for a new connection?

Application Fee P250.00 together with Service Connection Fee P2,250.00 shall be settled in addition to the costs of materials that will be needed for new connection.

How much do I have to pay after applying for new service connection?

An applicant shall present his proof of residence and a duly-filled up application form.

How do I know if the computation of my water bill is right?

Your monthly bill is then computed based on our approved water rates according to the amount of water consumed. The result is then printed on your water bill as the amount due, along with your arrears (any unpaid amount last month) and other charges, if any. Other charges include balance on material cost, meter deposit, reconnection fees and additional billings. Whenever possible, all accounts are read within the billing period. If meter reading is not possible, the amount is automatically billed based on average consumption.

How is my water use determined?

Water meters are read monthly on scheduled dates. Individual meter readings are then encoded to their corresponding assigned account numbers. The amount of water consumed is derived by deducting the previous reading (last month) from the current reading.


117 current month s reading
52 previous month s reading
65 volume consumed (in cubic meters)

What can cause unusual high water consumption?

There are a number of factors that could result in an unusually high water bill. For example, out-of-town guests may increase water usage through showers especially during summer. Increasing your landscape watering time can cause a significant boost in water use.

What if I suspect of high water bill isn t cause by water use?

First, determine if you have a leak in your system. Shut off all water-using fixtures and the irrigation system and look at your water meter. If the dial is showing water use, despite everything being turned off, then there is a leak. Toilet leaks are perhaps the most common.

What if do all that and can t find the answer?

Call OraniWD for an analysis of your bill based on a two-year history of usage and request that an employee to conduct a field test of your system.

How can I find out about job openings at Orani Water District?

Vacancies are announced publicly that can be seen within the District premises and nearby areas as well as in this website.