The District is continuously striving in order to further improve its services, widen its service area coverage and address the water resources challenges that might be facing by the District in the future. Among the top strategic priorities aligned in its future plans are highlighted in the subsequent sections.

Further strengthening of the existing OWD distribution network and expansion to Samal and nearby towns

The existing water network will be strengthened. Clean drinking water will reach Barangays Pag-Asa, Tala, Talahib in Mulawin, & Masapsap in Bayan and new well in Masapsap will be constructed, while the spring sources are being developed & their lines being installed.

Eventually, bringing about inclusive development not only in Orani but also in Samal and nearby towns, hence, extending OWD services and providing their community people with ample potable water supply & sanitation services under sustainable expanding company business conditions, the “OWDEE Way”.

The creation of an ideal potable water supply network from Orani to adjacent towns can further improve and guarantee the supply of drinking water for its residents and optimize the value of every cubic meter of water they pay even beyond 2025.