Establishment of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System for remote monitoring

The SCADA infrastructure/ system will be completed and commissioned to operate, control, and monitor the network specifically pump stations in remote areas. Technological improvements to systems such as the SCADA system improve the overall efficiency and capability of District operations, particularly when it comes to operating efficiency in decisions & responses. The pumps will be controlled by automatic water level switches in the reservoirs. The pumps will turn on when the water level reaches a predetermined minimum level and turn off when the water reaches the maximum level.

The water from the Tala spring will be collected in the ground reservoir at Mulawin Pump Station. As a standby source the existing test will be converted into a production well. From the Mulawin ground reservoir the water will be transmitted to the proposed reservoirs/ break pressure tanks in Barangay Tugatog and Alikabok, then distributed by gravity through the network in the service area. Three (3) additional upland barangays in Orani (Doña, Sibul, Tala) will be operated a separate systems. Besides, Tala will be getting water directly from the transmission lines.

As its entire existing water network is completely digitized, it hopes to integrate it with the Global Information System (GIS) for a remote management capabilities in the future.