The Utilities / Customer Services Group is under the Administrative Division and is composed of one (1) Division Manager C, three (3) Utilities/ Customer Officer B, three (3) Utilities/ Customer Services Assistant A and one (1) Utilities/ Customer Services Assistant B. This group handles the commercial operations of the District as its general functions.



This pertains to policies and procedures governing the District employees and all other concerned persons in the conduct/ handling of transactions and activities related to water services availment.

General Procedures:
  • Any person, firm or office interested in having water supply service, shall personally visit the District office to be properly informed of all the needed requirements when applying for service connection.
  • The Customer Services Assistant shall obtain from the client all the required data and information necessary for the creation of the client’s records and/or database.
  • In the application for new service connection, the following policies and procedures shall be observed:
    • All of the following information shall be gathered from the client:
      • name, middle name, surname;
      • complete address;
      • digital picture;
      • telephone number;
      • birthday;
      • blood type;
      • number of persons in the family;
      • name of the property owner of the premise where services is applied (if applicable);
      • name of a person in the location with existing water service connection; and
      • date of application.
    • After getting all the personal information from the Water District service applicant, the Customer Services Assistant shall inform the client that a District representative will go to their place to conduct an inspection and evaluation of the location to ensure that the service line and water supply are available and at the same time, to estimate the materials requirement during the installation.

      Moreover, the client must be properly informed that they can inquire about the result of the inspection and the corresponding amount they have to be paid representing the cost of the materials to be used during the installation, following the below stated transactions cut- off and schedule for making inquiries.

      National Goverment

    • Pertinent data with regard to the person/ client applying for the new service connection is then forwarded to the Division Manager or any of his designated representatives in his absence, to undertake the necessary inspection and evaluation of the location and subsequently, the estimation of the materials needed shall be made.
    • As a matter of policy, in order to guarantee quality and standard, all materials needed for the installation of water service connection application shall be purchased from and provided for by the District.
    • List of the estimated materials to be used is then forwarded to the Customer Services Assistant (CSA), indispensable in the preparation of “Service Connection Application Form (SCAF)”, using the “ORANIWD Billing System” (OBS) of the District. But before the SCAF is prepared, the concerned CSA shall ensure that the applicant has agreed to pay the corresponding amount to be incurred based from the assessment/estimation made by any of the District’s representative.
    • If duly acknowledged by the client, the preparation of the SCAF shall immediately be followed, in which the concerned CSA shall ensure to completely and accurately accomplish the following essential information:
      • account number;
      • applicant complete name and address;
      • telephone number;
      • date of application;
      • date to be connected;
      • meter size;
      • meter brand and serial number;
      • initial reading;
      • details about the materials to be used; and
      • the related charges to paid by the applicant.
      The applicant shall be assigned an account number next to the account number of the District’s existing client whose house is located adjacent or next to him.
    • The client shall affix his or her signature on the space provided for in the SCAF, to evidence the acceptance of his or her responsibility to pay the necessary charges, thereby confirming that he or she has totally understood and accepted and or personally committed himself/ herself to abide by the rules and regulations of the Water District.
    • Before the actual service installation is undertaken, the applicant shall pay in full the total cost of the needed materials (per material estimation), PLUS the following fees and charges:

      National Goverment

      Additional fees and labor charges shall be paid by the applicant if the following services are undertaken:

      National Goverment

      • For Subdivision Only Subdivision Policy per lot
        1. Residential                                1,000.00
        2. Commercial                              3,000.00
        Equity on Labor and Materials     3,000.00
    • While the applicant is paying all pertinent charges to the Cashier, the Customer Services Assistant shall simultaneously prepare all the necessary documents such as, water service contract, memorandum receipt for water meter, promissory note (if applicable) for signing of the applicant and the maintenance order to be forwarded to the Technical Division to schedule the date of connection. All forms shall be accomplished in two (2) copies, for clients and office file, except for the maintenance order form which must be prepared in three (3) copies, wherein one copy shall be for Technical Division who will accomplish the necessary task.

      The Water Service Contract (WSC) shows the details about the obligation and/ or agreement of each of the contracting party (client and the District). The Division Manager, or in his absence, any of the Customer Services Assistant must be properly explain to the client all important matters included in the contract.

      The Memorandum Receipt for Water Meter (MRWM) must bear the name and the signature of the client and all the details of the water meter installed such as: the water meter number, model/brand, size, capacity, and the initial readin. The MRWM must be duly signed by a witness.

      A Promissory Note (PN) is prepared whenever a client does not have the capacity to pay the whole amount included in the final computation of the required fees and charges, signed by the client, the Barangay Chairman of his barangay and a third witness.

      The Maintenance Order (MO) includes the kind of maintenance job to be accomplished, the details about the client applying for service connection and the action to be undertaken by the maintenance team of the Technical Division.

    • All maintenance requests/ orders received before 4:00 PM must be accomplished the following day except in some cases wherein there were emergency/un-expected circumstances that have arises and non- putting it into priority may cause to hamper the operation of the Water District and may even results to a loss of District’s properties and or opportunity benefits such as: equipment malfunction, emergency repair of the district equipment and or properties, such as: service main line, distribution line, meter stand, and the likes. The CSA in-charge shall prepare in three (3) copies a summary report of all MO’s received for the day, and that to be distributed as follows:

      Copy 1-General Manager’s Office     -for information and approval
      Copy 2-Technical Division                 -for scheduling/ work
      Copy 2-Admin. Division                    -file copy
    • All contracts, memorandum receipts for water meters and promissory notes, if needed for signing and the maintenance order summary report shall be submitted to the office of the General Manager on a daily basis. Cut- off time for submission is set at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Transactions beyond the cut-off time shall be included in the maintenance order summary report of the following regular working day except for extreme urgent transactions approved by the General Manager, or in his absence, by the Administrative/ Technical Division Manager.
    • The maintenance order summary report is then forwarded to the Technical Division Manager to initiate/ undertake the necessary action in order that a particular maintenance job will be promptly and accurately accomplished. The Technical Division Manager/ receiving party, shall affix his signature on the space provided for, to signify receipt of the MO summary report.
    • As a matter of policy, granting of a promissory note to the client must have a prior approval of the General Manager, to be endorsed/ recommended for approval by the Administrative Division Manager. A promissory note shall only be granted to the applicant if he or she has incurred a total assessment of Three Thousand (P 3,000.00) Pesos or more. But it shall be mandatory to require the client to pay in advance the amounts which correspond to all materials needed in the installation. The balance arising from the total assessment of application fee, service connection fee, meter maintenance fee and others. The balance shall be divided into two, payable within two months and to be added in the billing statement for two consecutive months.

      Any deviation from the above-mentioned procedure (approving/ granting of promissory notes) shall be subjected to a corresponding sanction.
    • Strictly, NO ACCEPTANCE of client’s payment of any form shall be made in the District Customer Service Counter. All clients must be properly advised that payment shall be made DIRECTLY to the designated District Collecting Officer/ Cashier.
    • After the necessary settlement of client’s obligation have already been done, and the necessary documents have been accurately processed, the Admin. Services Assistant B (ASA B) shall now prepare the Requisition and Issuance Slip (RIS). The ASA B shall make the necessary validation to ensure that the related materials being requisitioned for issuance shall already been paid to the Cashier, and that the Official Receipt No. and the date of payment as references have been written in the RIS document.
    • A duly approved RIS shall be presented to the Property/ Supply Custodian before the release of the materials needed for the water service connection from the store room.
    • The Property/ Supply Custodian shall always ensure that before leaving his post at the end of the day, all the materials needed under the approved maintenance orders or service connection activity on the next day shall be ready for pick- up by the maintenance team at 8:00 o’clock in the morning of the following business day. He shall be duly responsible to make a close coordination with the Customer/ Admin. Services Assistants regarding the materials to be prepared for release on the following day.
    • The Property/ Supply Custodian shall release the items as requisitioned, based on the approved RIS.
    • For control purposes, a VALID OFFICIAL RECEIPT (OR) is REQUIRED before an item is released to the concerned person. Strictly, NO O.R., NO APPROVED RIS, NO RELEASE OF ITEM policy shall be followed.
    • Upon installation of the water service connection, a copy of the duly approved RIS shall be brought to the Clients residence for signing. This is to document the client’s actual receipt/ acceptance of the items needed during the installation which correspond to the total amount they have actually paid in the office.
    • Upon work completion, a summary report of all maintenance orders that were accomplished shall be prepared by the Technical Division, and to indicate the following information:
      • name of the client;
      • MO reference number;
      • nature of work accomplished;
      • date of accomplishment; and
      • the person who have done the installation proper, certified accomplished/ work completed by the Technical Division Manager.
      A copy of the accomplishment report shall be provided to the office of the General Manager for his information.
    • The duly accomplished new service connection application form shall altogether be forwarded to the Administrative Division Manager for review and recommendation and subsequently submitted to the General Manager for approval.
    • All documents shall be segregated accordingly and shall be filed intact for future reference.
  • However in cases, where the client is applying for service re-connection, (reactivation of disconnected service due to owner’s initiative or violation of any provision of the rules, regulations and policies of the District), the following policies and procedures shall be applied:
    • The client shall proceed to the District Office to signify his or her intent to avail of a water service re-connection.
    • But before the reconnection of water service shall be undertaken, the client shall first settle the following fees and charges to wit:
      • Closing Bill- this represents all unpaid water bills which triggered disconnection of service, PLUS the unbilled consumption from the last meter reading date, up to the time of disconnection.
      • Re-connection Fee-
        If reconnection is applied and paid within five (5) days (working days) from disconnection date
        ============================= - P 55.00

        If reconnection is made beyond five (5) days (working days) from disconnection date
        ============================== - 220.00
        BUT if reconnection is made after five days (working days) from disconnection and the client has already used up the meter maintenance fee/ budget he paid in advance for two (2 years, he has to replenish it by an amount of Two Hundred Forty Pesos (P 240.00) for another two (2) years. After this period, payment of ten (P10.00) Pesos per month shall be collected.
    • Upon payment of the required fees and charges, the Customer Services Assistant shall prepare the Maintenance Order.
    • The Maintenance Order summary report shall be given to the Technical Division to initiate its accomplishment. It shall be the duty of the Technical Division/ maintenance team to ensure that all maintenance order prepared for the day shall be 100% completed the following working day. The Technical Division Manager shall make the necessary adjustment of the schedules of the maintenance team in order to finish any pending MO for accomplishment.
    • Upon work completion, the Technical Division shall prepare a duly certified accomplished/ work completed summary report of all Maintenance Orders accomplished for the day. The report must be submitted before the closing of the day or in the morning of the next day on or before 9:00 AM, following the issuance of the MO’s. The same must be prepared in three (3) copies to be distributed as follows:
      1st copy - General Manager
      2nd copy - Administrative Division
      3rd copy - Technical Division (file copy)
    • A duly certified work completed “Accomplishment Report Summary” shall be the basis of the Customer Services Assistant In-charge to set the consumer file or records in the system under an ACTIVATED STATUS. This is to ensure that all service connection applications must be only activated in the systems master file, upon installation of the water service connections.
  • In order that a record of a new Water District client must be captured by the system during the uploading of all clients information to the meter reading device (PDA’s) and be it included in the billing summary of the appropriate billing period, the Customer Services Assistant shall ensure that all accomplished new connections based from the submitted summary of the accomplished maintenance orders, must be activated in the system.
  • All pertinent forms and documents shall be filed intact for future reference. The Commercial Division shall keep a file of MO’s issued and the Technical Division shall keep a file of its accomplishment reports.