National Goverment It is a declared policy of the District that all connections are to be metered and that no water is to be delivered without charge except for firefighting purposes.

National GovermentThe furnishing of free water to the general public at public faucets is a function of the local government. Any such government body may apply for the installation of a service connection for the purpose of supplying water to the public faucet. All water consumed through a public faucet will be charged for at the lowest price/rate block of the Districts schedule of rates.

The District provides the meter free of charge but the consumer shall pay corresponding meter maintenance fee, however, the water consumer shall be held liable for any damage to the meter due to his negligence or carelessness. It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to protect the meter, the valve, seals, and the meter stand and meter box from physical damage. The cost of repairs to such physical damage shall be included in the next water bill. If the meter and its appurtenances are beyond repair, the consumer shall pay the cost of the meter and its appurtenances at their current market prices.


National Goverment The Customer Services Group performs the reading of the water consumption of the respective District clients on a monthly basis. Each of the individual meter reader is given their location assignment for meter reading for a six working days of each month as reflected on the monthly meter reading schedule prepared by the Utilities/ Customer Service Assistant, reviewed by the Administrative Division Manager and duly approved by the General Manager.

The meter reading activity shall start from the first (1st) working day and lasts until the sixth (6th) working day of every month. Prior to the scheduled date of the meter reading, uploading of clients information to the meter reading device (PDA) shall be done by the Utilities/ Customer Service Assistant and/ or the Water Utilities Management/ Development Officer in his absence. Uploading shall be done after 5:00 PM of the previous working day just before the reading activity. All new connected and reconnected concessionaires within a particular month shall be included in the nearest reading schedule.

Every meter reader shall be issued one (1) PDA and be assigned one user login code on the PDA. With the use of the PDA, the meter reader shall read all water consumptions of clients scheduled for the day. Likewise, meter readers assigned to territories where OWD office and OWD pump stations are located shall get their respective meter readings in the same day after they have read all client meters in the area. Correspondingly, the Statement of Accounts of the respective client’s shall also be generated to reflect the total monthly bill including current bill, penalty for overdue accounts, arrears for the previous month, other charges, due date, disconnection date and remarks on reading. After getting all scheduled readings, the Utilities/ Customer Service Assistant (as the first responsible person) and/or the Water Utilities Management/ Development Officer (as the second responsible person) shall download meter reading information from the PDA to the Billing and Collection Database. The Utilities/ Customer Service Assistant shall generate a hard copy of the Monthly Billing Summary Report to be submitted to the Administrative Division Manager and to the Office of the General Manager immediately after the reading period.

All meter readers shall counter check billed clients against not billed, by comparing their meter reading information against the systems data/ records of all the clients to be billed. Statement of Accounts of not yet billed clients shall be generated after the monthly billing period.

The Division Manager, may, with the approval of the General Manager implement a rotation of each meter reader to different locations of assignment and swapping/ substitution of the meter reading schedule per area in order to check possible illegal connections and any other illegal practices. During the conduct of the meter reading, the meter reader is also tasked to make a routine check- up of the meter and meter stand if it is well functioning, encounters stuck- up problem, reminding the clients of their overdue accounts (if any) and disseminate current promotional activities of the company. Any observations relating to meter and meter stand malfunction and any other related findings, shall be recorded in the PDA or logbook intended for the purpose. A corresponding maintenance order shall be prepared by the Customer Service Assistant in-charge for the approval of the Administrative Division Manager and performed by the Technical Division. The General Manager’s Office must also be given a copy.