Water consumption bills are due and payable directly at the Office of the Orani Water District on the date of the bill delivery to the consumer and shall be delinquent fifteen (15) days thereafter. If the consumer has incurred arrears of one (1) month, all of his or her un-paid water consumption bills (previous and current month) shall immediately become due and demandable. A delinquent client shall be subject to one-time ten percent (10%) penalty and disconnection if not paid a day after the due date.

The approved water rates are as follows effective July 01, 1997.

National Goverment

Example: A concessionaire (residential with 1/2" size water meter) consumed 25 cubic meters for a certain month. The amount due will be computed as follows:

 Minimum Charge:
        1st 10 cu.m.                                                            P 135.00
 Comodity Charge:
        (11-20) 10 cu.m.(10 x 14.25)                                   P 142.50
        (21-30) 5 cu.m.(5 x 15.50)                                       P 77.50
 Total Charges:                                                                P 355.00
 Franchise Tax (2% of total charges/ bill amount)          P 7.10
 Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)                                       XXXX
 Amount Due (plus PCA)                                                 P 362.10

NOTE: PCA= Equivalent PCA for the month (computed based on policy)
            X the number of cubic meter consumed for the month


Service must be discontinued if the consumer has incurred arrears of two (2) months, following the subsequent phases of disconnection:

National Goverment
However, connections in the following areas/ types are exempted in the 2nd phase:
  • Memorial Park;
  • Public Market; and
  • Duplex connections with at least one (1) active connection.
A disconnected service due to delinquency and/or violation of the Utility Rules and Regulations or policies of the District will not be turned on again until payment of all amounts due.

After disconnection, if the consumer decides to re-continue his water service within 5 days including the day of disconnection, the client is required to pay a reconnection fee of P100.00 plus the unpaid water bills which triggered disconnection and the unbilled consumption from the last meter reading date up to the time of disconnection. But beyond that period, a P 250.00 reconnection fee will be charged to the client plus P 160.00 valve lock (one time payment only)- if client has no valve lock yet and P 240.00 water maintenance fee if the client has already obtained water service connection from the District for two years and longer.

The change of “Account Number” shall not be allowed, however, request for a change of “Account Name” can be entertained.

Upon payment of all the dues and charges, the water service will be reconnected within twenty-four (24) hours.

However, all clients who have already applied for new service connection and already settled all documentary and payment requirements, but still undecided as to when the actual installation should be undertaken, shall not be included in the summary of “In-active Accounts” but rather be recorded in the summary of clients under the “waiting list”.