In the event a complaint is made by a consumer that his water bill is excessive, a re-reading and inspection of the meter shall be done to determine if there are leaks in the meter and its stand. Should there be no leak, upon request of the consumer, the meter shall be removed and be subjected to a calibration test. If the result of the test is within the approved limitations, the client is charged a fee of P 250.00, but; if results exceeds then, calibration is free and meter shall be charged. Billing shall be adjusted according to his consumption history. A personal investigation of said premises served by the meter upon the request of the client shall be made by the responsible officer of the Customer Services Group.


If a consumer is entitled to a refund such as for overpayment of a closing bill, or other just cause, the overpayment will be considered as advance payment and will be credited to his account on the next water bill.

In the event a consumer requests for a discount/ adjustment of his water bill mainly because of leaks that were not attended, such request shall be made personally by said consumer to the General Manager of the District. Upon approval, the General Manager will order the Division Manager to process a Billing Adjustment Memo (BAM). The said memorandum bears the name of the consumer and the amount to be adjusted in the said account. The billing adjustment memo shall be supported by a printed ledger of the client, the Maintenance Order and any other compelling documents/ reports to justify the cause. The General Manager can give up to 20% adjustment rate applicable only to current charges. The memo is prepared by the Customer Service Assistant in-charge and is verified and approved by the Division Manager and the General Manager, respectively.

A client shall be given a billing adjustment privilege for only once in a lifetime.