(As per Orani Water District BOD Resolution #5, Series of 2007)


The Orani Water District created the Orani Water District Family High School Scholarship Program last March 17, 1998 by virtue of Reso # 14, s. of 1998, effective SY 1998-1999. Since then, it evolved into a full tertiary education scholarship in order to complete the company’s scholars’ education.

The program aimed to help the Water District clients uplift their economic conditions by giving full tertiary education scholarships to their children. Also, this program served as an incentive for the concessionaires in assisting the District achieve its established mission.

Thereafter, this program will focus on a greater role of molding young people into becoming ideal citizens of the republic through education. Future leaders emanate from their ranks but more noteworthy is the fact that education makes them become better men and women.

It is therefore in this opportunity of service that the Orani Water District has committed its total eagerness. It believes that with this scholarship program, children can be the hope of tomorrow.

This program aims to:

1. Send at least 4 poor but deserving high school graduate students to tertiary education in full scholarship for
    the duration of the student chosen course.
2. Support scholar’s family income by eliminating the burden of paying for tertiary education.
3. Minimize the number of out-of-school youth and eventually prevent youth problems resulting to crimes,
    drugs, etc.
4. Utilize education skills that will enable scholars to have a brighter future.

Scholarship Committee shall be composed of:

1. Board of Directors
2. General Manager
3. Administrative Division Manager

I.  Criteria in Selecting Applicants

1. The applicant must have passed the BPSU entrance test.
2. The immediate family of the applicant is an active Water District client during application and while
    scholarship is being enjoyed.
3. No gender discrimination; open to all high school graduates of 2011-2012.
4. Filipino; no religious affiliation required; must be a bonafide resident of Orani.
5. Must have at least 85% average grade upon graduation in high school.
6. Physically and mentally fit but no physical distinction required.
7. Scholars who lost their scholarship grants due to their failure to attain and maintain the guidelines and
    restrictions under this program shall be replaced by the applicant immediately next lower in marks
    in the same screening process.

II.  Scholarship Coverage

    Ten thousand pesos (P 10,000.00) maximum budget for each student per semester including all college education related activities, giving priority to payment of tuition and fees

III.  School Category

Scholars shall enroll at government-owned schools like BPSU.

IV.  Guidelines and Restrictions

    In order to maintain full scholarship grant, each student is expected to strictly follow the following guidelines and restrictions:

1. Maintain 85% average or equivalent grade every grading period
    At the end of every grading period or whenever required, report card of each scholar should be presented
    to the Water District for evaluation. Scholars whose average grade falls below 85% for two consecutive
     semesters shall lose his/her scholarship.
2. Maintains good moral character
    Grants of scholars who will be confirmed using prohibited drugs will be terminated right away through a
    written notice. Drinking liquors or alcoholic beverages, or any vices, smoking and participating in any
    form of gambling will be subjected to disciplinary action and/or termination. The scholarship program also
    prohibits pre-marital relationship.
3. Transfer of residence
    The Water District should be formally notified in cases of transfer of residence to other barangay within
4. Diversion of Scholarship Fund
    Scholars should fully understand that diversion of scholarship fund is strictly prohibited. It is a must that
    funds intended for scholarship should be accounted for and be spent directly for schooling purposes only.
    Dishonesty is a ground for termination.
5. Attendance to Water District Community Activities
    Scholars and parents, if required by the Water District, must be present during community activities
    spearheaded or participated by the company but not to jeopardize scholar’s school related activities.
6. Parents, Scholars and Water District Fellowship
    In order to promote good relationship and transparencies between parents, scholars and Water
    District, both parties should meet regularly on a quarterly basis.

V. Cash Disbursements and Payment Guidelines

1. Scholars should present official receipt (if payment for tuition and fees are made in advance) or listing
    of proof of account that will be paid to the school registrar/cashier. This includes tuition and fees,
    miscellaneous expense, uniforms and others.
2. All checks or cash payments and advances are supplied with vouchers signed by the cashier or disbursing
    officer for audit purposes.
3. There will be no advance payments.
4. Only the scholars are authorized to receive their scholarship fund and other cash benefits.

VI. Projected Budget Requirements

P 10,000.00 per scholar per semester