Since 1999, Orani Waterdistrict (ORANIWATER), has been using a custom-built program designed by a free-lance programmer for its billing and collection system. Unfortunately, this set of programs failed to produce the level of satisfaction expected of it by the Waterdistrict clients and employees.

Billings for one zone needed at least a few days before the statements of account of clients could be delivered to their respective homes. Computations of new connection costs were done manually as well as the receipts for their payments. Water bill payments were done the same way. This slow process in the billing and collection system gave poor impression in the quality of service the District is providing to its clients.

Through an Efficient INFORMATION SYSTEM (IS)

The Management with the concurrence of the Waterdistrict Board decided to out-source its program requirements from Manila-based vendors and thus, formed a Technical Evaluation Committee. Some Manila-based software vendors were invited to submit & present their program packages & costs to the evaluation team.

After the initial evaluation process, a particular vendor was selected, but before awarding, the members of the committee had an ocular inspection of the actual operation of the selected set of programs installed by the Digital Data Corporation (DDC) in a some water districts to further analyze it.

After a thorough observation and evaluation, the Technical Evaluation Committee recommended the DDC programs as the most fitted to meet the Waterdistrict technical & financial requirements. Moreover, it could be configured for further innovations the Orani Waterdistrict was already using during that time.

The management presented the recommendation of the Technical Evaluation Committee and the programs of the DDC to the Waterdistrict Board of Directors for their approval. The Board accepted it, thus passing Board Resolution No.03, series of 2003. The installation of the system started last April 2003 and to further develop the Waterdistrict core competency in this area, it decided to hire the services of one of its developers as the Orani Waterdistrict Management Information System (MIS) Researcher & Systems Administrator.